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Broncos acquire QB of the future: Mark Sanchez

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The Broncos finally made a move to add a QB to their roster in the form of former Jets and Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Yesterday I wrote that the Broncos had nothing but bad options at quarterback. Leave it to genius Denver GM John Elway to totally pull a rabbit out of a hat and find an option that is even worse than all the options I listed!

According to a report by Ian Rapoport, the Broncos have just traded for their QB of the future:

Sanchez isn't known best for his leading the New York Jets to two successive AFC championship game appearances or his stellar career at USC. No, Sanchez is best known for this:

It is without question that Denver will be drafting a quarterback this year, and may not be done with the trade market. It's insane to see just how desperate they became when Brock Osweiler ditched them. I almost don't want Khalil Mack to take Osweiler's head off in Mexico City- this theater is far too entertaining.