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NFL Final Draft order 2016: Where Raiders will pick in each round

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With the announcement of the compensatory draft picks, we now have the final draft order. But since we know what you really care about is where the Raiders will be selecting, here are all the picks the Raiders currently have in the 2016 draft:

Round 1, pick 14
Round 2, pick 44
Round 3, pick 75
Round 4, pick 114
Round 5, pick 143 (from Dallas)
Round 5, pick 154
Round 6, pick 194 (from Indianapolis)
Round 7, pick 234

Total number of picks: 8

The Raiders' original sixth-round selection was traded to Dallas along with WR Brice Butler in exchange for the Cowboys' fifth-round selection.

Their current sixth-round pick comes in exchange for Sio Moore in trade.