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Eric Weddle update: Free Agent safety to 'whittle down' options over weekend, start negotiations Monday

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We came into today with Eric Weddle looking at offers from four different teams with the Raiders supposedly one of them. And with the work day complete, that's still where we stand. Not only that, but negotiations haven't even started yet. Weddle is going deep to make sure his decision is the right one, as Ian Rapoport reports.

Once he has looked at all of those factors, he will remove two teams from consideration.

We are already three days into free agency, but don't expect his decision to come anytime soon. Business won't pick up until Monday with whichever teams remain on his list.

I urge Raiders fans not to let the lead up on this whole thing get them jaded. The tendency is with all the build up, to think this means Weddle or anyone else is placing him on a pedestal. He is considered the top free agent still available mainly because the really big names have already signed somewhere. But he isn't toying with teams or trying to drive up his price. He is simply taking extra time to make a very important and thereby difficult decision.

We can all wait a few days, right? Especially now that we know it will be a few days instead of thinking it could happen any moment. You know, the whole 'watched pot never boils' phenomenon.