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NCAA tournament first round: Raiders teammates become rivals as alma maters face off today

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Basketball tournament tips off today. Among the games today, there are two which will have Raiders teammates' at odds as their alma maters face off.

First up, just as they face off against each other every day in pass protection, Jon Feliciano and Clive Walford's Miami Hurricane will try to hold off Khalil Mack's Buffalo Bulls. That game tips off at 3:50pm Pacific (6:50 pm ET) on TNT.

Shortly after that game starts, you can see Derek Carr taking on two of the Raiders' defensive backs as Carr's Fresno State Bulldogs face Utah, alma mater of Keith McGill and newly signed Sean Smith. That game tips off at 4:27pm Pacific (7:27pm ET) on truTV.

Other Raiders players whose alma maters are playing today:

Michael Crabtree - Texas Tech vs Butler 9:40am truTV
Kelechi Osemele - Iowa State vs Iona 11:00am TBS
Ben Heeney, Dexter McDonald - Kansas vs Austin Peay after conc. TNT
Malcolm Smith - USC vs Providence after conc. TBS