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Raiders updated available salary cap

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How much money the Raiders have available to spend under the 2016 salary cap after two weeks of free agency.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

At one point this offseason, the Raiders had around $74 million in available cap space. After making several moves in free agency, they have taken a big chunk out of that. Now according to official NFLPA figures, they sit at approximately $17.5 million left under the 2016 salary cap.

Among the signings the Raiders made to spend their cap money were the extension to Marquette King, adding offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele, linebacker Bruce Irvin, and cornerback Sean Smith and re-signing tackle Donald Penn.

When things started, they were just behind the Jacksonville Jaguars, who at one point had as much as $90 million available under the cap. But front loading contracts as the Raiders have done will tend to bring that number down pretty quickly.

Now it is the 49ers who have the most cap room. Their dysfunctional organization has had a lot of difficulty reeling in free agents this offseaon and as a result has $59 million burning a hole in their pockets and no one on whom to spend it. The Jaguars have been spending like crazy, and yet still have $57 million. Third are the Browns at $42.7 million due to the same problem the 49ers are having.

At this stage, $17.5 million is plenty of money to spend to make pretty much any move the Raiders would still like to make. They reached the floor long ago, so that is not a worry.