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Reggie McKenzie, Jack Del Rio in back of class like couple badasses in group photo at league meetings

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The group photos were taken at the league meetings today and the Raider head coach and GM looking like Raiders

The league meetings are taking place in Boca Raton Florida today. With everyone together, there was a couple photo shoots of all the GM's and head coaches (well, most of them, anyway). And the Raiders were looking like a couple G's, chilling in the back of the class.

First there was the GM's which featured Reggie McKenzie in the back right sporting a cream colored sport coat.

GM's at owners meetings
Reggie McKenzie at owners meeting

RegG puts the G in GM.

Next it was the head coaches' turn. This time Jack Del Rio stood in the back corner on the left side sporting all black -- black colored shirt (no tie) and black sport coat. While most of the head coaches were shoulder to shoulder, Del Rio gave himself a good few inches distance from his neighbor, Rex Ryan.

Head coaches at owners meeting cropped
Jack Del Rio at owners meeting