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Despite significant interest from Raiders, Erin Henderson re-signs with Jets

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Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

A day after Reggie McKenzie said the Raiders were done with big name free agent signings, the last unrestricted free agent with whom they had reported interest is now off the market as Erin Henderson returns to the Jets.

The Raiders interest in Henderson came early in free agency and as of the second day of the free agent period, they were said to still have real interest, with Henderson deciding between them and a return to the Jets. He chose the latter.

Henderson would have come in to bulk up the inside linebacker spot for the Raiders with the team releasing Curtis Lofton after one failed season with the team.

Henderson is a former starting linebacker who flew under the radar as a free agent due playing a reserve role with the Jets last season. He was getting back into football after taking a year off in 2014 following two DUI arrests had him released by the Vikings and later a third arrest for possession of marijuana.

At 29, he is looking to get his life and his football career back on track. There is no word on his contract figures, but I would expect a one year deal with Henderson hoping to build his value over next season and hit the market again.

As for the Raiders, they signed outside linebacker Bruce Irvin which would figure to have Malcolm Smith playing inside linebacker in most sets with the current roster. Ben Heeney would see some decent reps as well.