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Raiders LB Ben Heeney involved in high speed head-on collision on Easter

Raiders second year linebacker Ben Heeney had a bit more to be thankful for this Easter, when he walked away from a scary car accident Easter morning in his home state of Kansas. Heeney recounted the event on his Instagram page:

"Crazy day today. Got up to go to church on this snowy Kansas morning. We were 1/2 mile away from church when we hit a slush patch, lost control, and spun out 180 degrees into the middle of the highway. We were sitting in the middle of the highway staring oncoming traffic in the face and a few seconds later we were hit head on by a car going 60 mph. By the grace of God, there were no injuries and everyone came out safe and ok. I have no doubt in my mind that God was watching over my family this morning on the day of His Son's resurrection."

Along with the details of the crash, Heeney posted a picture of his vehicle which, as you might expect, received major front end damage.

Ben Heeney truck accident

For everyone to walk away from this accident is definitely a blessing.

Heeney was a round five pick by the Raiders in 2015 out of Kansas. He appeared in 15 games last season, starting three at inside linebacker.