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2016 Al Davis Memorial All Combine Freak Team: Defense

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No one loved pure athletic wonders more than the late Al Davis. So, in that spirit we put together the 2016 All Combine Freak Team.

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*The Al Davis Memorial All Combine Freak Team is in no way affiliated with Oakland Raiders late owner Al Davis.

We continue our 2016 Al Davis Memorial All Combine Freak Team with the defense. And just as Al Davis would've wanted, it starts with the defensive backs.

CB Jalen Ramsey, Florida State

6-1, 209

He was already far and away the top cornerback in this draft. What he did in the combine was cement that. Ramsey tied for a combine best 41.5 vertical jump and an 11'3" broad jump. Over the past decade, only Byron Jones had a longer Broad Jump (12'3") among defensive backs and Ramsey's 41.5 vertical is top five in the past ten years. Ramsey was a top performer in the 40-yard-dash (4.41), 3-cone (6.94), and 60-yard shuttle (11.10).

CB Anthony Brown, Purdue

5-11, 192

While Ramsey was jumping through the roof, Brown was showing his speed and strength. His 4.35 40-yard-dash was second fastest among corners, as was his 19 Bench press reps. He also had the fifth fastest 60-yard shuttle (11.19).

S TJ Green, Clemson

6-2, 209

Al Davis loved his speedy DB's. Green (4.34 40) was the fastest safety at the combine, second fastest defensive back, and fourth fastest at any position in the 2016 combine. He was also second among safeties in the broad jump (10'9").

S Justin Simmons, Boston College

6-2, 202

While Green was the fastest safety, Simmons had pretty much every other event on lock. He had the highest Vertical (40"), fastest 3-cone (6.58), fastest short shuttle (3.85), and fastest 60-yard shuttle (10.84). He was also a top performer in the 40-yard-dash (4.61), Bench press (16 reps), and Broad jump (10'6").

OLB Darron Lee, Ohio State

6-1, 232

Coming into the combine, Lee was a fringe first rounder. After his combine performance, he is seen as a mid-first round talent. Lee's 40-yard-dash time of 4.47 ties for the best time among linebackers over the past nine years. And his linebacker combine best 11'1" broad jump is third best in the past decade plus. He also has a top five Vertical (35.5) and short shuttle (4.20) and top ten fastest 3-cone (7.12).

OLB Travis Feeney, Washington

6-3, 230

With Lee's combine performance, Feeney didn't get much discussion, but he should have. He had the highest Vertical (40"), second fastest 40 (4.50), and second longest broad jump (10'10"). That's some serious athleticism.

ILB Nick Vigil, Utah State

6-2, 239

Usually it's the outside linebackers who shine in athletic drills more so than inside linebackers. Vigil bucked that, topping all linebackers in the 3-cone drill (6.73) and Short shuttle (4.00). Meaning he is very quick and can change direction on a dime. He was among the top performers in the 40-yard-dash as well with a respectable 4.72 time.

DE Shaq Lawson, Clemson

6-3, 269

Not only is Shaq Lawson the name of a some badass rogue agent, but he has the physical abilities to pull it off. Lawson had the fourth fastest 40 (4.70), fifth longest Broad jump (10'0"), second fastest short shuttle (4.21) and was top ten in the 3-cone (7.16).

DE Noah Spence, Eastern Kentucky

6-2, 251

I can't say I spared Noah Spence in putting together this year's All Combine Freak team. He earned his spot here for sure. While he wasn't tops in any one event, he was a top five performer in the Vertical (35) and Broad jump (10'1") and a top ten performer in the 40-yard-dash (4.80), 3-cone (7.21), and Short shuttle (4.35).

DT Sheldon Rankins, Louisville

6-1, 299

As far as defensive tackles go, elevation is not often an attribute. But Rankins has them ups, especially for a guy pushing 3 bills. He led all defensive tackles with a 9'10" Broad jump and was second among DT's with a 34.5 Vertical - both of which were top ten among all defensive linemen. He may not be asked to do a lot of jumping, but lifting 300 pounds that high off the ground shows supreme leg strength to hold his ground against interior offensive linemen.

DT Connor Wujciak, Boston College

6-2, 291

Wujciak showed similar leg strength to Rankins, tying him in the Vertical jump (34.5") and just an inch shorter in the Broad jump (9'9"). He also added the fastest short shuttle time among Defensive tackles, which was the sixth fastest among all defensive linemen. He may be able to chase down a few running backs and tight ends with that speed.

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