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Kelechi Osemele expected to hit market, what would it take for Raiders to sign him?

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

In the past few weeks the Ravens have made every effort to keep Kelechi Osemele in Baltimore. They were said to be making aggressive attempts at agreeing to a new contract, but with the team close to the salary cap, they weren't getting anywhere. Then they extended Joe Flacco to free up cap space. That didn't work either.

Osemele is now expected to hit the free agent market where he will receive considerable interest.

The 26-year-old offensive lineman has played right tackle, left guard, and most recently left tackle for the Ravens late last season. The Raiders have a need at guard and at tackle, making him a very enticing free agent option.

So, what would it take to sign him?

He is said to be asking to be at least the highest paid guard in the NFL. If you're wondering what could be more than the highest paid guard, that would be the highest paid tackle.

Right now the highest paid guard in the league is Mike Iupati at $8 million per season. The highest paid tackle is Bills Franchise player Cordy Glenn at $13.7 million.

With Donald Penn looking to be headed for free agency himself, the Raiders could be looking to sign Osemele to play left tackle, in which case getting him for even $10 million per season would make a lot of sense. Then they could decide whether he would be more valuable to them at left tackle or right guard. There is value in versatility as well, you know.

Not only could the Raiders easily dole out that kind of cash in free agency, but they did it just last offseason when they made Rodney Hudson the highest paid center in the NFL at just under $9 million.

The contract Osemele is looking for could make him the Raiders highest paid player next season.