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Free Agent safety Eric Weddle thinks Oakland would be a good landing spot

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Among the top free agent targets for the Raiders, they are expected to look to fill their vacant safety spot. One safety who could be high on their list, if not top it, is former Chargers All Pro safety Eric Weddle. And Weddle told Peter King recently that Oakland would be a good fit for him.

In King's Monday Morning Quarterback, Weddle said he would like to go to a contender. He mentions several places which would be a good landing spot for him -- New England, Oakland, Pittsburgh, and Carolina.

"I've got three to five years left in me," Weddle told King Saturday. "I want to go somewhere I have a chance to win a Super Bowl. Until last year I've never been injured. I've never had surgery. I don't drink, I don't go out. My shoulders, back, legs, hip, they're all fine. I think I bring a lot to a team."

Putting Oakland in the category of 'contender' may seem odd for some people. But they improved considerably last season to just one game under .500 and ahead of Weddle's soon-to-be-former team the Chargers. And with the 31-year-old Weddle seeing himself as having a few years left, he could see the young, up-and-coming Raiders roster on the verge of contending.

Plus, it's the only one of those teams which would allow him to stick it to the Chargers twice a year. Something that is undoubtedly an enticing idea consider he feels they wronged him.