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Raiders Free Agent rumor mill: Trade for DeMarco Murray?

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James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes rumors that come out feel more like a puzzle that was put together. Such is the one thrown out there today by Sirius XM's Ed Borsilli who says he's 'heard' the Raiders would be interested in trading for Eagles running back DeMarco Murray for a low draft pick.

You might remember this time last year, the Raiders were in the mix to sign Murray who was the Cowboys reigning NFL leading rusher with 1845 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns. The Cowboys couldn't (and wouldn't) meet his hefty price tag, so the Eagles swooped in and signed him, even though they had already signed Ryan Mathews.

Murray had a terrible season in the Eagles' offense under Chip Kelly compared to contract expectations. He started 8 games and ran for 702 yards averaging just 3.6 yards per carry. And he wasn't at all happy about it.

This offseason, Kelly was fired, and hired by the 49ers. Now the Eagles are doing a little housecleaning, agreeing to terms to send Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso to the Dolphins in a trade. Should they be able to move Murray as well, they would be rid of two of the top five cap hits for next season. So, it makes sense that they would look to do that.

As far as the Raiders interest, they, of course, have the cap space, and were interested before, so it seems they would naturally be mentioned as a potential trade partner. How much genuine interest is there in taking on Murray's sizable contract is debatable. It has four years and $31 million remaining with $7 million of his $8 million 2016 salary fully guaranteed.

They would also be pairing up Murrays in their backfield with Latavius Murray already in Oakland, both big bruising backs, so neither would be the 'change of pace'. Latavius was the AFC's second leading rusher, gaining 1066 yards and six touchdowns, making the Pro Bowl as an alternate.

It's an interesting thought. That's why they're called rumors.

UPDATE: The Eagles were shopping Murray and whether the Raiders were interested or not, he is headed to the Titans, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.