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Kelechi Osemele 'massive' contract details with Raiders revealed

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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

This morning offensive lineman Keleche Osemele became the Raiders first big free splash signing. At the time it was for a reported $11 million per. Now the contract details have been revealed.

Leading into negotiations, Osemele was expected to bring in over $10 million. He is a versatile offensive lineman who could play guard or tackle for the Raiders.

As a guard, he would be by far the highest paid in the NFL. Currently the highest paid guard is Mike Iupati at $8 million per year. As a tackle, his deal puts him in the top five. The highest paid tackle is Bills franchie player Cordy Glenn at $13.7.

The exact specifics on his guaranteed money and 2016 salary cap figure have not yet been revealed (those specific details may not be available until the deal is official), but he is expected to see as much as $20 million guaranteed in a front loaded deal.

That is a pretty standard for contracts the Raiders have handed out of late. They currently have some $66 million to spend in free agency and front loading the deal eases the burden down the road.