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Malik Jackson chooses Jacksonville over Oakland

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It became more and more clear the past few days that Malik Jackson was looking to cash in on his first full season as a starter and getting his Super Bowl win. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. And the fact that three of teams that wanted him employ his current and former coaches -- Broncos, Raiders, Bears -- shows he has great value.

But Jackson chose none of those teams. He went for the team with the most money to spend and heads to the Jacksonville Jaguars according to Channel 9 Denver.

Jackson was reportedly looking for $15 million per season, which seemed a bit more than the Raiders would be willing to pay. That would put him in the top three highest paid defensive ends in the league. As valuable as he might be in free agency, top three defensive end may be a stretch.

You had to think the Raiders had their ceiling in mind going into this and stuck with it. Getting into bidding wars leads to insane contracts like the one given to Ndamukong Suh last year that pays him some $19 million this year.