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Another pass rusher kept off market as Jason Pierre-Paul stays with Giants

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It can be easy to forget that not all of the free agents we discuss will ever actually hit the market. In many cases, their current teams are working tirelessly right up to the deadline to keep them. Two former All Pros opted to stay or return with their current/former clubs today as Tamba Hali re-signed with the Cheifs on a 3-year deal and Jason Pierre-Paul opted to stay with the Giants on a one-year deal according to Ian Rapoport.

Pierre-Paul was named the Giants' Franchise player in 2015 before a fireworks accident did serious damage to one of his hands and he had to get two fingers completely amputated. He played in the final 8 games last season with a wrap on his hand, collecting just one sack.

After the season ended, he had an additional surgery to try and improve his grip, but would still have garnered some interest across the league.

But hitting the market right now was never ideal for JPP. The former All Pro pass rusher made the wise decision to return to the Giants on a one-year deal and will test the market again next year, hopefully after a rebound season.

His exit from the market as well as the reports of Malik Jackson heading to Jacksonville thins out the crop a bit, but still leaves a few good options at defensive end.