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Looks like Raiders could miss out on all top Free Agent running backs

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And like that, poof, they were gone.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Running back is certainly not at the top of the Raiders position needs this offseason, but they were looking to add talent to the backfield to join Latavius Murray. And in the past few minutes, the dominoes have been falling quickly as all the top running backs are locked up across the league.

The first domino to fall was the news that Chris Ivory will sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He set the market for those ahead of him with a deal worth a reported $6 million per year.

With his deal done, the next up was Lamar Miller who is reportedly getting $6.5 million from the Texans.

Then came the doozy that puts a stake in the hearts of the Raiders with Doug Martin expected to return to the Buccaneers on a deal worth a reported $6.85 per season.

UPDATE: That deal is done. Martin will stay with the Buccaneers on a 5-year, $37.5 million deal according to multiple reports.

Add in the trade of DeMarco Murray from the Eagles to the Titans and all the top running backs now appear to be headed elsewhere, leaving the running back market cupboard somewhat bare.

I would venture to say the top unrestricted free agent remaining is Jets running back Bilal Powell. Others include Matt Forte and Arian Foster.

There is also Vallejo native CJ Anderson who surprisingly received a low round tender from the Broncos which means if another team tried to sign him away and they opted not to match, they would not receive anything in return due to Anderson having gone undrafted.

Keep in mind, none of these deals can be done for sure until Wednesday. But as of right now, it doesn't look great for the Raiders chances of landing a top free agent running back to team up with Murray.