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Janoris Jenkins headed to New York, Raiders now battle for Sean Smith

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Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past couple days, the Raiders aggressive efforts to land a top flight free agent cornerback have focused on Sean Smith and Janoris Jenkins. The latter of whom didn't feel he got the respect (money) he deserved from the Rams, so he left for the Giants, who gave him plenty of that 'respect' he was looking for. Five years, $62.5 million worth of respect.

With Jenkins off the  market, the Raiders focus now shifts back to Sean Smith. But they have competition. They will have to battle with at least three other teams to acquire him, according to reports. One of those teams was (at least at one time) the 49ers.

An averaged of $12.5 million per season makes Jenkins the 7th highest paid cornerback in the NFL, and not far below the franchise tag number his now former teammate Trumaine Johnson received ($13.95 million). It's possible that could set the market for Smith who was viewed as just as valuable as a free agent.

The Raiders have already gone big in free agency with Kelechi Osemele ($11.7 mil) and Bruce Irvin ($12.5 mil). Could Sean Smith be the next?