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Giants win Olivier Vernon sweepstakes

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We now know where former Dolphins pass rusher Olivier Vernon will play. He's headed to New York.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As if the Giants dropping huge coin on Janoris Jenkins weren't enough, they have now grabbed arguably free agency's top pass rusher. They will sign Olivier Vernon according to multiple reports.

At one time the Raiders were thought to be a top contender for Vernon's services, especially after the Dolphins placed a transition tag on him, then removed it.

It's entirely possible, however, that the Raiders had already moved on from any thought of signing Vernon when they unexpectedly signed former Seahawks pass rusher, Bruce Irvin.

They gave Irvin $12.5 million per season which was probably a low figure for what Vernon will receive from the Giants.

And here is that contract at a ridiculous $17 million per season average. Holy mother...

Even before the Giants grabbed him, it was the Jaguars who were thought to be the front runners to sign Vernon. The Jaguars came into this with some $90 million to spend under the cap and have been throwing money around, including getting Malik Jackson from the Broncos -- another Raiders target.