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Chiefs re-signing Derrick Johnson affects Raiders Free Agent plans two-fold

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The past couple hours, the Chiefs have finally gotten on their horse and begun signing players. First it was former Browns offensive lineman Mitchell Schwartz and now it's inside linebacker Derrick Johnson. The latter of the two signings could have a ripple affect on the Raiders.

In one respect, Johnson's signing removes one of the few quality inside linebackers from the market. With Danny Trevathan signing on in Chicago, that leaves just former Colts linebacker Jerrell Freeman as a top target should the Raiders look to upgrade middle linebacker in free agency.

In another respect, Johnson and Schwartz's additions along with the re-signing of Frank Zombo could signal the Chiefs have given up any hope of retaining Sean Smith and moved onto other free agents. The Chiefs no longer in the running improves the chances the Raiders can reel in the in-demand cornerback.

Smith has been one of the Raiders' primary targets since the legal tampering period opened and continue to be the most discussed potential landing spot for him.