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Raiders could make history with 'Color rush' uniform this season

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This is not an April Fool's prank. It looks very likely the Raiders will feature a Color Rush alternate uniform in 2016.

Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

Raiders uniforms don't change. They haven't for some 50 years. That means no alternative uniforms. It's not their style. Just their black and silver home uniforms and their white away uniforms (unless the other team has light home jerseys in which case they wear the black ones). Just once did they wear a throwback and it was in the 2009 season opener with the silver and black numbers on the white jerseys reversed from 1963. This season that could change.

Last season the NFL debuted their 'Color Rush' uniforms for several Thursday Night games. All teams played on Thursday Night, including the Raiders, but the week the Raiders played was not one of weeks the NFL featured their Color Rush unis.

According to a report in the Detroit Free Press Thursday March 31 (the day BEFORE April Fools day), Lions President Rod Wood said the league has expanded the Color Rush uniforms to include all Thursday Night games.

"All teams that play on Thursday this year will wear a Color Rush uniform," said Wood. "The roll out of the Color Rush uniforms for all teams will occur when they announce the schedule and when we know whether we're playing a Thursday night game or we're playing just Thanksgiving."

This season, all teams are once again expected to play on Thursday Night just as they have the past two seasons, which would mean if Wood is correct about all teams that play on Thursday Night wearing Color Rush uniforms, the Raiders will see an alternate regular season uniform for the first time in franchise history.

Nike will be designing Color Rush jerseys for all teams. The reveal will occur once the NFL schedule is released later this month.

Some may say the Raiders don't technically have a 'color' in their uniforms. They have the most iconic uniforms in sports and they haven't changed anything in over 50 years. If they end up playing on Thursday night, all that will change.

The question is, what would those uniforms look like? All silver? All black? The possibilities are far from endless, but very intriguing none the less.