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Von Miller putting screws to Broncos, reportedly looking for well above NFL highest paid OLB

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The last memory we have of an NFL football team taking the field, Von Miller was winning his team a Super Bowl, sacking Panthers QB Cam Newton three times. Miller had gotten to Tom Brady three times in the AFC Championship as well. Now he wants to cash in on those performance big time.

According to a report from Mike Klis of 9 News in Denver, the Broncos have offered Miller a deal worth $17-$18 million per season. That would be $3-$4 million more than he will make this season on the franchise tag and surpass Chiefs Justin Houston ($16.8 million) and Giants Olivier Vernon ($17 million) as the league's highest paid pass rusher. But Miller's camp believes he is worth much more -- something between $20-$25 million according to the report, which would put him among the highest paid players in the NFL at any position, if not THE highest paid player.

Currently the league's highest paid players are all quarterbacks, with the top ten all making over $20 million and Joe Flacco topping the list at $22.133 million. If Miller is indeed asking for that kind of money, it would likely come from his realization that the Broncos are fresh from making the playoffs and winning the Super Bowl on the back of the defense and despite lackluster play from the quarterbacks.

Another option is Miller just wants more than the Broncos want to pay and so they're getting ahead of the criticism by 'leaking' that Miller wants unreasonable amounts of money. Though, making at or near $20 million per season for Miller who is in his prime, has 60.0 sacks in five NFL seasons, and just carried the Broncos to a Super Bowl win doesn't really seem unreasonable.

If the Broncos aren't willing to step up for the 27-year-old All Pro pass rusher, someone else will (Raiders? A team outside the division?).

Keep in mind, if Miller were to get a huge deal, it could end up costing the Raiders more money once the time comes to extend current All Pro Khalil Mack long term. Though that could be a couple years away.