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SB Nation has Raiders passing on top need three times

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There is something to be said for taking the 'Best Player Available', but how that aligns with a team's needs is important. For the Raiders, the one position most would agree is their top need is safety. And yet, in SB Nation's latest draft, Dan Kadar has the Raiders bypassing the position altogether three rounds deep.

At 14, they have the Raiders nabbing athletic linebacker Darron Lee.

One of the strongest positions on the Raiders is outside linebacker with Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin as the starters with Malcolm Smith also a more than capable starter both inside and outside. Aldon Smith returns from his suspension in November after having been signed to a 2-year deal. Second year man Neiron Ball adds depth along with recent free agent addition, Daren Bates.

It doesn't make sense for the Raiders to go with a safety in the first round as none are considered first round products. But in the second, it should become a strong consideration.

With the 44th pick, Kadar goes with Baylor defensive tackle Andrew Billings.

Some consider Billings as a first round product, but in a deep defensive line class, he falls into the second in this mock draft. Safeties Karl Joseph and Vonn Bell are off the board, but Darian Thompson is still there. He goes to the Rams with the very next pick. The Rams have the pick just before the Raiders, and if they wanted Thompson, knowing the Raiders were in need of a safety, it seems likely they would take Thompson with the pick before the Raiders.

With the 75th pick, he has the Raiders selecting UCLA running back Paul Perkins. And again, oddly, Kadar has a safety going to the Rams with the very next pick -- Clemson's TJ Green.

And before you go thinking Dan Kadar is going rogue, PFF's recent three-round mock draft also has the Raiders neglecting the safety spot in favor of other players. They too have the Raiders going with a running back in the third round, but they have Paul Perkins gone in the second round with the Raiders taking Alex Collins out of Arkansas.

Running back is a position the Raiders will be going after in this draft, so maybe the third round is a good place to get one. But completely ignoring the safety position for three rounds in favor of other positions? Hmm.