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San Jose State RB Tyler Ervin to attend Raiders local pro day

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders are holding a local pro day for area athletes and there is one intriguing prospect that our own Levi Damien is reporting  will be in attendance.

Tyler Ervin is a 5'10, 192lb running back and kick returner that runs a 4.41 and has a 39 inch vertical jump.

He is definitely an interesting player to pay attention to given his impressive speed and experience as a kick returner. His smaller stature brings many question marks, but his 160 yard rushing performance with a td and 59 yards on 2 kick returns against Auburn last year shows why he got this invite. He finished his senior season with an impressive 1,601 yards on 294 attempts with 13 touchdowns.

Ervin is exactly the type of player that the Raiders are holding this local pro day for to get a closer look at. He has bulked up considering from his listed 177lbs as a senior to his combine weigh in of 192lbs and he is expected to be a mid round pick.

"The Local Pro Day is an opportunity to really take a look at the players that are in our immediate area," Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie said. "There is a lot of talent in the Bay Area and this allows scouts and coaches to evaluate these prospects in person. It's our second year hosting a Pro Day, and our scouts and staff do a tremendous job of coordinating this workout."

It will be interesting to see if Tyler Ervin or any of the other players in attendance will get an opportunity to play for the Silver and Black. McKenzie is a whiz at finding late round and undrafted talent in his tenure as the Raiders GM and part of that is doing the extra leg work like this local pro day.