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Warriors shoot to match Raiders 2015 loss total (oh and NBA record 73 wins)

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Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, all eyes (should) be on the Warriors as they face the Grizzlies and look to set a new NBA record with 73 wins. In doing so they would finish with an astonishing nine losses in 82 games. No other NBA team has ever finished with single digit losses in 82 games.

Single digit losses was something the Raiders accomplished last season after three consecutive seasons with at least 12 losses. And the last time they had a winning record, they were in the Super Bowl. But this isn't about the Raiders futility, it's about the Warriors incredible accomplishment. NBA teams in 82 games aren't supposed to match totals from NFL teams in 16 games.

The Warriors will look to take the NBA all-time record, passing the 95-96 Chicago Bulls (72-10). After which they will look to carry that momentum to a second consecutive NBA title.

Last season's NBA championship run combined with this record already puts them among the all time great teams to come out of Oakland. An NBA Championship would simply drive that fact home.

Though the Warriors lost last season nine times, no team beat them more than once. And in most cases, when they faced that same team again, they destroyed them. People are wondering if there is any team that can take even a single game from them, let alone more than one in a series in the playoffs.

The Raiders were once where the Warriors are now. Among the league's top teams each year. Dominating their opponents. In their first two Super Bowl appearances, they went 13-1 in the regular season. That's a .928 regular season winning percentage. The Warriors going 73-9 is an .890 win percentage, but it's a lot harder to have that kind of win percentage in 82 games than in 14 games. And the Raiders never won back-to-back titles, something the Warriors are looking to do now.

In total, the Warriors have won four NBA championships - two since coming to Oakland in 1971. The Raiders have won three Super Bowls -- two in Oakland. The A's have won 9 World Series, four of which came in Oakland including three straight from 1972-74. Their best regular season winning percentage was .684 in 1910 when they were still in Philadelphia. They best regular season record in Oakland was in 2001 when they went 102-60 (.640).

Tonight's game tips off at 7:30pm Pacific at Oracle Arena in Oakland. So, like now.