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Rams send shockwave through draft, trade up to number one overall

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Mock drafters are excited today as they now have an excuse to make version 147.3. The Rams have traded up with the Titans to get the number one overall pick. Here's how the deal shakes out:

Rams get: Number one overall pick, 4th round pick (113), and 6th round pick (177)

Titans get:15th overall pick, Two second round picks (43 and 45), 3rd round pick (76), 2017 first and third round picks

Prior to the trade, the Rams picked just after the Raiders in the first round, just before and after the Raiders in the second round, and just after the Raiders in the third round. Now the Titans will have those picks and the Rams will have the top pick in the draft which they're expected to use on a quarterback.

A lot of draft predictions had the Rams going with a quarterback anyway, but now that could mean one more quarterback taken before the Raiders pick. And since the Raiders don't need a quarterback, that helps the odds a player at a position they do want will be there.

Speaking of not needing a quarterback, look what it did for the Titans who drafted Marcus Mariota last year. Now they have a bounty of picks in this draft and the next one to build around him. Kinda like the Raiders having the 4th overall pick last year to get Derek Carr his new top target, Amari Cooper. It's a good position to be in.

Now get to work all you mock drafters out there.