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Raiders 2016 NFL schedule: Way too early game by game predictions, analysis

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's WAY too early to be making predictions, but let's do it anyway. Here is my game by game prediction of the Raiders 2016 schedule.

Week 1: Sun., Sept. 11 at New Orleans Saints 10:00 a.m. FOX

Season opener in New Orleans. Super Dome will be rocking and so will the Saints offense - LOSS (0-1)

Week 2: Sun., Sept. 18 ATLANTA FALCONS 1:25 p.m. CBS

Home opener with the fans going nuts to see the resurgent Raiders - WIN (1-1)

Week 3: Sun., Sept. 25 at Tennessee Titans 10:00 a.m. CBS

For the second straight season, the Raiders play in Nashville. The Titans have a lot of draft picks, which means a lot of rookies - WIN (2-1)

Week 4: Sun., Oct. 2 at Baltimore Ravens 10:00 a.m. CBS

The Ravens are expected to bounce back after their 5-11 season. East coast trip. - LOSS (2-2)

Week 5: Sun., Oct. 9 SAN DIEGO CHARGERS 1:25 p.m. CBS

Raiders swept the Chargers last season. They take this one at home - WIN (3-2)

Week 6: Sun., Oct. 16 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS 1:05 p.m. CBS

Raiders were swept by the Chiefs last season. The Chiefs had a good offseason. No vengeance yet - LOSS (3-3)

Week 7: Sun., Oct. 23 at Jacksonville Jaguars 10:00 a.m. CBS

Another team expected to be on the rise is the Jaguars. Another East coast swing. This one the Raiders buck the hex - WIN (4-3)

Week 8: Sun., Oct. 30 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers* 10:00 a.m. CBS

Second straight trip to Florida is rough - LOSS (4-4)

Week 9: Sun., Nov. 6 DENVER BRONCOS 5:30 p.m. NBC

Raiders return home to face the reigning Super Bowl champs. They beat them last time they faced them. They do it again - WIN (5-4)

Week 10: BYE WEEK
Week 11: Mon., Nov. 21 HOUSTON TEXANS 5:30 p.m. ESPN

Speaking of the last time the Raiders beat the Broncos; they had Osweiler at QB who will be behind center for the Texans. It will be a Raiders fan dominated Aztec Stadium. Off a bye week. Raiders get up for it - WIN (6-4)

Week 12: Sun., Nov. 27 CAROLINA PANTHERS* 1:25 p.m. CBS

The Panthers were eaten alive by the Broncos pass rush in the Super Bowl. They know where to improve most and I expect they will - LOSS (6-5)

Week 13: Sun., Dec. 4 BUFFALO BILLS* 1:05 p.m. CBS

After a breakout season by Tyrod Taylor, the Bills still seem to be looking for a replacement. In Oakland - WIN (7-5)

Week 14: Thu., Dec. 8 at Kansas City Chiefs 5:25 p.m. NBC/NFL Network/Twitter

Prime Time. In KC. Tough one. But Raiders aren't getting swept again - WIN (8-5)

Week 15: Sun., Dec. 18 at San Diego Chargers* 1:25 p.m. CBS

Raiders swept the Chargers last season. No reason to think they won't do it again - WIN (9-5)

Week 16: Sat., Dec. 24 INDIANAPOLIS COLTS* 1:05 p.m. CBS

In the weakest division in football last season, the Colts went 8-8 - WIN (10-5)

Week 17: Sun., Jan. 1 at Denver Broncos* 1:25 p.m. CBS

The Raiders aren't sweeping the Broncos regardless of who is playing quarterback. - LOSS (10-6)

Final record: 10-6