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Poll: What game on Raiders schedule concerns you the most?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This week the schedule came out and it made for some interesting observations. Most fans will throw around the word "winnable" as if to say some games can be won. The problem with using that word is it suggest there are some games that are NOT winnable. When in this league all games are technically winnable.

For proof, just look to last season when the Raiders knocked off the eventual Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos IN DENVER. And for every game a team shocks the world to win, there are ones they *should* have won but lost.

This year's strength of schedule equals out to exactly .500 with opponents records at 128-128. That is due to the league's easiest strength of schedule in the first half and the toughest in the second half.

But how much does Strength of Schedule really matter from season to season? Should the Raiders be treated as a 7-9 team this season? Most Raiders fans would argue they have moved past their sub .500 record and are on the doorstep of their first winning season in 14 years.

The saying 'Any given Sunday' comes to mind, or in the case of the Raiders this season 'Any given Sunday, Monday, or Thursday'.

All of this considered, look carefully at the Raiders schedule and make your vote for which game you think will the Raiders' toughest.