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Raiders offseason workouts begin today

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Today marks the first day of offseason workouts and training for the new-look Oakland Raiders.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders will begin their offseason workouts and OTA program at noon Pacific Time today as the players and media will get the first look at Raiders new signings Reggie NelsonKelechi Osemele, Sean Smith and Bruce Irvin as part of the team. The offseason program at this time is limited to strength and conditioning and physical rehab only, so we won't see any actual football or contact of any kind yet, but it's still exciting to kick off the Raiders season after an offseason with such promise.

This will be the first full workout program conducted at the Raiders' new state-of-the-art Performance Center in Alameda, as it was completed only after training camp broke last season. Our own Levi Damien, who brought us the Raiders' offseason schedule when it was announced by the team earlier this month, will be in attendance at the workouts today because he is a Big Important Media Person. I am certain he will give us any juicy tidbits of news on his Twitter feed.

As always, stay tuned to Silver & Black Pride for the latest in Raiders news and happenings!