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Silver & Black Pride 2016 Raiders NFL Draft community big board

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Take our survey to decide who you think is top five on the Raiders draft board.

Once again this year, we are putting together a big board based on readers picks. Previous years we've done this, the process became a bit long and tedious, so this year we are doing things a bit differently and it should streamline the process.

This will be the first of three survey articles. This one we want you to fill out the survey giving who you think would be top five on the Raiders draft board.

To be clear, this is NOT who you think will go top five in the draft and it's NOT the top five players who you think will be on the board when the Raiders pick. This is who you think the Raiders would have at the top of their board if they had their choice of anyone in the draft.

After the votes are counted, we will have a top five. Then we will move on to 6-10, then 11-15, and with the Raiders at 14, that board will be plenty to offer a good idea of who you think the Raiders will have as their top valued player when they make their pick in the first round.

I'll leave this up for 24 hours before moving on to the next survey. Feel free to suggest players who aren't in the survey.