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The A's and Raiders won't be playing in anymore.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Coliseum in Oakland will now have a name that more accurately reflects just how ancient it really is. As of right now, will no longer hold the naming rights to the Oakland Colseum, as first reported by CBS Sports A's reporter Jane Lee.

The complex will now just be The Coliseum, giving visions of chariot races and gladiators.

Those visions are pretty suitable for football players, who often fancy themselves as gladiators. So much so that it seems about 95% of them when asked what their favorite movie is will say Gladiator. had held the naming rights since 2011. Prior to that it went through a three-year period without a company purchasing naming rights and referred back to it's original name; Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum -- a name it had held for it's first 32 years of existence. The first year a company had purchased naming rights was 1998 -- three years after the Raiders returned to Oakland -- when it was the Network Associates Coliseum. They held the name until 2004 when McAfee took slapped its name on it until 2008.

But what's in a name? A rose this place is not. And by any name, it would still smell as foul. At least now 'The Coliseum' matches its rough exterior.

Hard to say if this news has anything to do with the announcement Mayor Libby Schaaf is expected to make this week.