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Eagles fly up draft to number two overall in trade with Browns

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With the Eagles making an aggressive move to jump up to two overall, it will have a ripple affect on the draft.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

With the Rams jumping up to number one overall to get a quarterback, the Eagles got anxious today and made their move to jump up to number two to take whomever the Rams don't take, which makes things even more interesting as it was looking like the Browns were hedging on whether to take a QB at all.

Initially the Browns were talking about waiting to see who the Rams select before making the move out of the number two spot. But either that was never really in their decision-making process, or the Eagles gave them an offer too good to pass up.

The deal looks like this:

Eagles get: 2nd overall pick, 2017 4th round pick
Browns get: 8th overall pick, 3rd round pick (77). 4th round pick (100), 2017 1st round pick, 2018 2nd round pick

That's a pretty sweet deal and for a Browns team with a LOT of needs, it makes sense. Also factor in that they signed Robert Griffin III this offseason, and they may feel like quarterback is not exceedingly high on their list of needs.

This could shake things up for the Raiders. Most notably the Eagles were showing major interest in Ohio State running back Ezekial Elliott. Unless the Browns select him at 8th overall just as the Eagles would have done, he would be available after that which would either have the teams ahead of the Raiders taking him and making other players available, or perhaps Elliott even falling to 14 overall.

Elliott would be an enticing player to take at 14 for the Raiders who are looking for a running back in this draft to share the backfield with Latavius Murray.