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S&BP staff 2016 7-round Raiders mock draft: Round 4, Pick 114 Miles Killebrew, S, Southern Utah

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The Silver & Black Pride 7-round Raiders mock draft continues! The 4th round pick for Oakland is...

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Miles Killebrew, Safety, Southern Utah

The Oakland Raiders wait until the 4th round but finally pick a much needed Safety for their squad. Miles Killebrew is a 6'3, 220lb Safety who looks and hits like a linebacker. The type of ferocity that he plays with in the secondary would fit in with the aggressive style of play the Raiders defense will be looking to implement in 2016.

When you have this many pass rushers on one team then you have officially made your defensive identity being about getting to the quarterback and hitting anybody who dares touch the ball very hard. Miles Killebrew fits right into that identify like a glove with his raucous hits that made him known as a hammer over the middle at Southern Utah.

Not only could Killebrew develop into a starter quality player, but he also has the ability to play a linebacker or rover type position at times as well. The Raiders love versatility and would salivate at the options that they would have with Miles Killebrew. He looks the part of a linebacker but has the speed of a safety, there are many different alignments that Oakland could utilize a player of Killebrew's stature.

The reason he is still available in the 4th round is that he played at a small college in the Big Sky conference and he is often slower at making his decisions. His instincts need refining but playing for a coach that was an extremely instinctive player like Ken Norton Jr. would likely help quicken his development. He also has the promise of being an excellent special teams player early on considering his size, speed combination and eagerness to lay the wood on anybody he can.

He doesn't put big hits above his fundamentals so when he gets the chance to lay somebody out he does so with excellent form. That is especially important to note after years of watching Raiders players fail to properly wrap up and being gashed for big plays. He needs work on reacting quicker to make his hits, but when he gets there he makes the tackle beautifully.

As far as 4th round selections go, you wouldn't get a much better value here than Miles Killebrew offers. He fits a major need position,  he would have the chance to learn behind a couple of veterans in Reggie Nelson and Nate Allen, and in the mean time he offers a diverse skill set that could still be utilized while filling a back up role early on in his career.

Raiders selections so far:

Round 1, pick 14 -- Shaq Lawson, DE, Clemson
Round 2, pick 44 -- Mackensie Alexander, CB, Clemson
Round 3, pick 75 -- Paul Perkins, RB, UCLA
Round 4, pick 114 -- Miles Killebrew, S, Southern Utah

Remaining selections:

Round 5, pick 143
Round 5, pick 154
Round 6, pick 194
Round 7, pick 234