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Rival Report 4/26: Eagles QB Bradford requests trade, Denver interested in him?

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The Denver Broncos lost both Peyton Manning and their quarterback they were grooming for the future in Brock Osweiler, they have replaced them with Mark Sanchez so far. Yes, Sanchez has shown to be capable at times (and not so capable at other times) but do the Broncos really want to go into their season after winning the Super Bowl with him as their starter?

There are plenty of reasons to doubt that, and now a better quarterback is suddenly asking to be traded. Sam Bradford of the Eagles did not appreciate the team's decision to trade up to the number 2 spot in the draft with the prevailing thought being they are targeting one of the top 2 QB's in this draft. The Broncos should be looking into what the Eagles want for Bradford at the very least, and now there is a report that they have done just that.

What Philadelphia is asking for right now appears to be entirely too high, but the Broncos are already a championship quality team. They can afford to pay a higher amount if it's the right guy, the question is more whether or not Sam Bradford would be the right guy or not.

I have more faith than many in Bradford's skills, and I truly believe he can still salvage his busted career. He has been injured more than healthy throughout his career and just finally appears to be able to remain healthy for a long period of time. By the end of last year the Eagles were long dead, but Bradford was finally playing like he was expected to play when coming out of college as the number 1 overall pick.

The situation in Philly appears to be pretty dire from the outside looking in. The Eagles wanted to draft their new QB and have him sit for a year or two behind Bradford but that didn't sit well with Bradford's camp. Now they want to be traded somewhere that he can be a long term starter. Well, low and behold here is a championship team that is lacking a long term starter.

It seems like a perfect match, if only the compensation can be worked out. This is something I very much hope will not happen because I truly believe Bradford would thrive in Denver. It is much better for the Raiders for the Broncos to continue this path that has Mark Sanchez as their starter in 2016 than it woudl be for them to have Sam Bradford.

It will be interesting to watch how this all plays out, but if Broncos GM John Elway isn't comfortable having Sanchez as a starter for 2016 then his options are limited. They could also draft Paxton Lynch in the draft by trading up but that would still likely leave Sanchez the starter for 2016. Trading for Bradford on the other hand would be the best option available for them to fix their QB situation for the upcoming season.

The Eagles have no need to trade Sam Bradford unless they get a great deal for him, but the Broncos should consider what truly is "too much" for an offer on Bradford anyway. He is 29 so it's not like he is young but QB's are playing longer than ever at elite levels so he also isn't too old either. Bradford fixes the Broncos current QB situation and could be a long term starter for them, now it comes down to figuring out what isn't too much to give up for him.

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