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Rival Report 4/27: Will Tom Brady's 4-game suspension for "Deflategate" be reduced?

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Tom Brady, love him or hate him, is one of the biggest stars in the NFL. The loss of him for 4-games would drastically affect betting lines across the entire NFL, TV Revenue, and it could handicap the New England Patriots in their quest of continued dominance in the AFC East.

The NFL's appeal against the initial decision that they do not have the power to suspend Tom Brady has gone the NFL's way with the judge essentially saying that Roger Goodell absolutely has the power to suspend Brady (whether guilty or not). The power is within the guidelines of the Collective Bargaining Agreement that the Players Union and the NFL agreed on. Fair or not, the NFL has the power to do what they want.

That doesn't mean that Tom Brady has no other legal options, but it does make those legal options far less likely to be successful. He could drag this thing out in the courts and make this ridiculous drama extend for yet another year, he can accept his 4-game suspension as it, or he can negotiate a settlement arrangement with Roger Goodell for a lesser suspension.

According to Sports Illustrated, more than one owner would prefer the last option. They have their court precedent that they needed to verify the power that the all-mighty Goodell has, and now they would prefer their golden boy get a little bit more time to shine for the league. A truncated suspension and the moving on from "Deflategate" would appear to be in everyone's best interest as far as some league owners are concerned.

The Patriot fanbase still utterly believes that this is a sham, a way for the league to get even against their team for being just too good. They think the science is on their side, and that the NFL has made up this entire thing just to level the playing field. There even is a talking head in ESPN's Skip Bayless who agrees and can always be counted on to be as loud as possible about it.

Though I believe that Tom Brady is guilty in this, I have to agree that a settlement is the best case scenario now. Like the Oakland Raiders stadium situation, I just want an answer and for everybody to finally get to move on from this debacle. Whether it's 1 game, 2 games, or 4 games I just want this to be over.

Too bad it isn't up to me, or you, or a handful of owners. It is up to the egos of Roger Goodell and Tom Brady. We will see if they can come to a compromise or not, but if Brady continues to fight we will continue to hear about "Deflategate", the conspiracy theories of the world being against the Patriots, and the constant back and forth between a star and the league for yet another year.

Deflategate: NFL owners want Tom Brady suspension reduced
Some NFL owners want Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s Deflategate suspension reduced as soon as possible.

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Skip Bayless always seems to have Tom Brady's back, so it's no wonder the polarizing ESPN personality rushed to TB12's defense Monday after it was announced that the U.S. Court of Appeals had reinstated the New England Patriots quarterback's four-game suspension related to Deflategate.

Deflategate: Science, Guilt, and Innocence Are No Longer Relevant - Pats Pulpit

He's guilty! He's innocent! Doesn't matter.

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