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Karl Joseph targets Raiders training camp to return from knee injury

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Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

One of the few concerns that Karl Joseph has is the status of his knee. He tore his ACL in a non-contact drill following week four of last season at West Virginia. Those kinds of injuries require a long rehab period and depending on the severity can have lingering affects.

As of now, Joseph is not ready to take the practice field with his teammates and, though Reggie McKenzie said Joseph will be here, he isn't expected to participate in offseason activities while he continues to rehab.

"Right now I plan on being ready for training camp," said Joseph. "The knee's feeling good, I just gotta keep strengthening it and getting ready, can't wait to get to Oakland and go to work just getting my leg better to 100%."

"I've been running, doing some cutting, some light change of direction. . . This month has been a hard stretch with all the traveling I've been doing with visiting different teams so I haven't been able to get consistent rehab every day. The knee is still feeling really good and strong. I've been doing as much as I can, when I can. I'm just can't wait to get into the facility and just grind. That's one thing about me, I'm a great worker, I've got a great work ethic, so once I get into the facility and start training, I won't have a problem with it."

The Raiders are confident in Joseph's status and the long term stability of the injury, which you would expect for a player they chose in the mid-first round.

"The medical is checking out fine," said McKenzie. "He's going to be ready to roll. Our doctors gave us the thumbs up."

"We'll let him come here and let the doctors determine how much and to what level, but he'll be here. I don't know when they'll clear him, but the prognosis is good. He'll be ready to play this year."