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NFL Draft 2016 Day two order, pre-draft open thread

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Chuck Anderson-USA TODAY Sports

We're an hour away from the start of the second round. Day two begins at 4:00pm Pacific (7pm ET). The Raiders took Karl Joseph at pick 14. They will have two picks tonight at 44 (round two) and 75 (round three) unless they make a trade. See the rounds 2-3 draft order here.

The second round will have team representatives announce the picks from Chicago. For the Raiders once again it will be Hall of Fame former player Willie Brown who is now an assistant coach for the team.

There are a lot of great players still available. You can see the best remaining players here. You can also see the top players on our Raider Draft Radar including a couple of players who many expected to be taken in the first round in UCLA linebacker Myles Jack and Mississippi State defensive tackle Chris Jones.