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2016 NFL Draft results: Jaylon Smith to Dallas at pick 35 ahead of Myles Jack

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Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The draft's top two linebacker talents were not chosen at the top of the draft. Jaylon Smith and Myles Jack tumbled out of the first round due to knee issues. Smith is expected to miss his rookie season while Jack said recently his torn Meniscus could cause him to have surgery withing a few years.

Smith's injury is widely considered far worse and was expected to cause him to fall into the third round at least. While Jack was thought to fall a little bit in the first round and yet was still on the board after day one.

No one expected Smith to be taken ahead of Jack but when the Jerry Jones is on the board, you know he's going to do something crazy. He took Ezekiel Elliott at fourth overall and now he grabs Smith with pick 35 with Jack as well as plenty of quality players who could contribute immediately still on the board.

Jack's time came two picks later when the Jaguars traded up with the Ravens to get Jack. Giving the Jaguars an absolutely fantastic draft so far with Jalen Ramsey falling in their laps at the fifth overall pick and now getting Myles Jack who was pegged as a top five pick just days ago.

Here is the first five picks of the second round so far:

32. Cleveland Browns — Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State

33. Tennessee Titans — Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson

34. Dallas Cowboys — Jaylon Smith, OLB, Notre Dame

35. San Diego Chargers — Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas

36. Jacksonville (from Baltimore) — Myles Jack, OLB, UCLA