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New Raiders DE Jihad Ward may need knee surgery

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According to a tweet from Adam Schefter, it's possible that Jihad Ward will need knee surgery.

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter is at it again with one of his famous non-committal tweets, this one about new Raiders draftee Jihad Ward:

It's important to note that Ward also missed the first few weeks of Illinois' 2015 campaign with a knee injury suffered in camp so it's possible that this arthroscopic surgery may be just cleaning up something from that procedure. Ward came back quickly from that injury and was Illinois' best player by a large margin.

It remains to be seen whether the Raiders are one of the NFL teams that believe Ward needs surgery, but if they are it would be a great idea for him to have it as soon as possible so he can be ready for the start of training camp. Ward is a raw prospect with high upside so it's important for him to get as many reps as he can get.


So it seems that Schefter got us all riled up for nothing. However, where there's smoke there's fire so there may still be an issue that requires attention down the road. Hopefully Ward can be healthy for camp and put the work in to join Oakland's ultra-talented front seven.