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Raiders 2016 Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

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Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the draft is over, the Raiders will be signing a lot of free agents. We will updated this article with all undrafted signings as they are reported. All signings are unofficial reports until confirmed by the team:

Oni Omoile OL Iowa State (official)
Denver Kirkland, OL, Arkansas (official)
Johnny Holton, WR, Cincinnati (official)
Max McCaffrey, WR, Duke (official)
Ryan O' Malley, TE, Pennsylvania (official)
Drew Iddings, DE, South Dakota (official)
James Cowser, DE, Southern Utah (official)
Darius Latham, DT, Indiana (official)
KJ Brent, WR, Wake Forest (official)
Terran Vaughn, OL, Stephen F Austin (official)
Kyrie Wilson, LB, Fresno State (official)
Antonio Hamilton, DB, South Carolina State (official)
Jalen Richard, RB, Southern Miss (invite signed)
Jaydon Mickens, WR, Washington (official)
Greg Townsend Jr, DE, USC (official)
Tony McRae, CB, North Carolina A&T (official)
Kenneth Durden, CB, Youngstown State (official)
Ross Burbank, C, Virginia (official)
Chris Edwards, DB, Idaho (invite signed)
Joe Hansley, WR, Colorado State (invite signed)
Branden Jackson, DL, Texas Tech (invite signed)
Torian White, OL, Hampton (invite signed)

Raiders Draft Picks:

Round 1, Pick 14: Karl Joseph, S, WVU

Round 2, Pick 44: Jihad Ward, DE, Illinois

Round 3, Pick 75: Shilque Calhoun, DE, Michigan St

Round 4, Pick 100: Connor Cook, QB, Michigan St

Round 5, Pick 143: DeAndre Washington, RB, Texas Tech

Round 6, Pick 194: Cory James, LB, Colorado St

Round 7, Pick 234: Vadal Alexander, G, LSU