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Max McCaffrey snubs father's former team Broncos to join rival Raiders

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Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

As far as teams Ed McCaffrey would probably love to see his son Max join, the Broncos have to top that list. Ed played the better portion of his NFL career in Denver. But when given the chance to join the Broncos, Max turned them down on their contract offer and instead joined his dad's former team's biggest rival in Oakland.

But before you think this is just a big FU to his dad, there's a more logical reason Max has decided to suit up in Silver & Black. His former high school coach at Christian Valor is Brent Vieselmeyer who is an assistant linebackers coach for the Raiders, as CSAA Director of Digital Media Ryan Casey pointed out.

Max was a wide receiver at Duke. His brother Christian is a running back at Stanford. So, coming to the Raiders also puts him just across the bay from his Brother. Stanford is also where Broncos GM John Elway and Ed McCaffrey went to school as it happens.