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Aldon Smith reportedly finalizing deal to re-sign with Oakland Raiders

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Though Aldon Smith cannot take the field for an NFL game until November, he is still a free agent after his one-year deal with the Raiders was up after last season. That free agency could end in short order according to Adam Schefter who reports he is finalizing a deal to remain with the team.

Reggie McKenzie had said recently he had been talking with Smith and they were going through certain steps before making the decision whether to bring him back.

"The conversations have been good," McKenzie told on Monday at the NFL owners meetings. "Really, it's encouraging him as a person to continue to get his life right. And if you're going to commit to this thing, you have to go through some steps. And that's what he's going through right now."

Smith had said he signed with the Raiders initially because he had a support system in place in the Bay Area as well as with the team. Both sides have been interested in Smith re-signing.

He may apply for reinstatement in September but cannot officially return until November 17; one year from when his suspension began.