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Watch: Raiders RB Latavius Murray returns to his humble beginnings

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The first episode of The Show's "The Rewind" series follows Latavius Murray back to his high school where he is being honored for his accomplishments both on and off the field.

The above exclusive preview is for a new short video which follows Latavius Murray as he returns to his small hometown of South Onondaga in upstate New York following his first Pro Bowl season with the Oakland Raiders where his high school retired his number 28 high school jersey.

"When I step on the field, I represent everyone here in this building." Murray told the crowd in attendance at his jersey retirement ceremony. "That will never change. You guys can say 'he's out there representing me and just know that I'm gonna do it to the best of my ability."

You can see the full video here.

Murray went a long way from Onondaga to Central Florida for college and ultimately the Raiders as a sixth round draft pick in 2013. His career got off to a slow start, with him missing his entire rookie season with a foot injury. His second season began with him barely seeing the field behind starter Darren McFadden. But by midseason, he broke out and helped the 0-10 Raiders get their first win of the season over the rival Chiefs. That launched him into his third season as the fulltime starter.

Murray made the most of his opportunity, running for 1066 yards and being named to the Pro Bowl as an alternate. He shares that with his hometown and they with him.

"They mean so much to me, the people there, just because it was a small school so I feel like we share the same success when I'm successful."