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Raiders witness Terron Beckham's crazy Pro Day

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Terron Beckham, who is the cousin of Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr., held a Pro Day today and wowed scouts with his freakish physical ability. The Raiders had staff in attendance.

Terron Beckham was, some years ago, a high school football star in the Dallas area. He comes from a football family, as he is the cousin of former LSU and current Giants star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Unfortunately, financial concerns in his life led him away from playing college football and toward other pursuits. He has been an actor, a stuntman and a personal trainer. However, he's felt the pull of football in his life especially since watching his cousin rise to fame.

So today, Beckham held a Pro Day for NFL scouts and he absolutely crushed it. He is six feet tall and 233 pounds and he has the body of a Greek god. Here are a couple videos of his workouts. First, his bench press.

Next, his vertical leap.

Here are just a few of the insane numbers from Beckham's workout.

  • 44.5-inch vertical
  • 4.47 40-yard dash
  • 11-foot broad jump
  • 36 reps at 225lb

Beckham lists himself as a running back, and those are insane numbers for a back and borderline Olympian numbers overall. While his time off from football does lead to questions about his football IQ and his "football shape", there is no questioning his physique, work ethic or freakish athletic ability. This is the sort of player Al Davis would have to take a cold shower after watching his workout.

Reports say the Raiders were there and did put Beckham through additional drills after his workout, so there may be some interest there. However, judging by the reaction in the media to Beckham's workout, there could be serious competition for his services.