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Stanford QB Kevin Hogan schedules visit with Raiders

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If there's any position on the Raiders they aren't looking at high in this draft (or perhaps not at all) it's quarterback. Even still, it's important to do one's homework, and the Bay Area has two draft eligible quarterbacks this year, so why not host at least one. Since working out Jared Goff would be a waste of everyone's time, the Raiders will be bringing in Stanford quarterback, Kevin Hogan for a visit, Hogan told Sirius XM Radio.

Hogan is all over the board as far as where he is projected to go in the draft. Basically he expects to be drafted in the mid to late rounds. And if he falls far enough, the Raiders could really start considering stashing a decent backup candidate.

Hogan has been a very steady performing quarterback the past three seasons at Stanford, including having his best season as a senior, throwing for 2867 yards, 27 TD's and 8 interceptions and completing 67.8% of his passes. As SB Nation 49ers blog Niners Nation points out, he easily passes the Bill Parcells Rules for quarterbacks. It will be up to the Raiders to decide if his college bonafides make him worth one of their draft picks.

Hogan said he also has a visit lined up with the 49ers after having already visited with the Eagles, Buccaneers, and Browns.