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Raiders rookie minicamp expected attendees, invites, tryouts

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Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

This Friday is the Raiders rookie minicamp. Among those expected to attend will be the team's drafted rookies, undrafted signees, first year players, and tryout players.

Teams can have their drafted rookies, undrafted rookies and players who weren't on the roster long enough last year to gain one year of vesting participate. To make the camps work, though, teams brought in a dozen to two dozen tryout players to fill out positions.

Here is a list of those players who are expected to be in attendance:

Connor Cook, QB, Michigan State (D-4)
Garrett Gilbert, QB, Southern Methodist (1st year player)
Joe Gray, QB, San Jose State (tryout)

DeAndre Washington, RB, Texas Tech (D-5)
Jalen Richard, RB, Southern Miss (tryout)
Shad Thornton, RB, NC State (tryout)

Johnny Holton, WR, Cincinnati (UDFA)
KJ Brent, WR, Wake Forest (UDFA)
Max McCaffrey, WR, Duke (UDFA) 
Jaydon Mickens, WR, Washington (UDFA)
Pig Howard, WR, Tennessee (tryout)
Marvin Hall, WR, Washington (tryout)
Joe Hansley, WR, Colorado State (tryout)
Reggie Begelton, WR, Lamar (tryoit)

Ryan O' Malley, TE, Pennsylvania (UDFA)
Lawrence White, TE, Texas State (tryout)
Ben Madon, TE, Eastern Kentucky (tryout)

Vadal Alexander, OG, LSU (D-7)
Mitch Bell, OG, Louisiana Tech (1st year player)
Oni Omoile OL Iowa State (UDFA)
Ross Burbank, C, Virginia (UDFA)
Denver Kirkland, OG, Arkansas (UDFA)
Terran Vaughn, OL, Stephen F Austin (UDFA)
Byron Williams, OG, Stephen F Austin (tryout)
Charles Vaillancourt, OG, Laval (tryout)

Jihad Ward, DL, Illinois (D-2)
Drew Iddings, DE, South Dakota (UDFA)
James Cowser, DE, Southern Utah (UDFA)
Darius Latham, DT, Indiana (UDFA)
Greg Townsend Jr, DE, USC (UDFA)

Shilique Calhoun, LB/DE, Michigan State (D-3)
Cory James, LB, Colorado State (D-6)
Kyrie Wilson, LB, Fresno State (UDFA)
Perez Ford, LB, Northern Illinois (tryout)
Ryan Simmons, LB, Oklahoma State (tryout)
Kenneth Bloomfield, LB, Winston-Salem (tryout)
Jason Whittingham, LB, Utah (tryout)

SaQwan Edwards, CB, New Mexico (1st year player)
Antonio Hamilton, DB, South Carolina State (UDFA)
Tony McRae, CB, North Carolina A&T (UDFA)
Kenneth Durden, CB, Youngstown State (UDFA)
Marquis Drayton, CB, Bethune-Cookman (tryout)

Karl Joseph, S, West Virginia (D-1)
Chris Hackett, S, TCU (1st year player)

Georgio Tavecchio, K, Cal (1st year player)
Andrew East, LS, Vanderbilt (1st year player)

This list isn't official. All names listed as UDFA are officially signed. There will likely be more players at this camp than are listed here as invites/tryouts. First year players are those without an accrued year in the NFL. They are eligible to attend, but it's up to the team whether they do or not.