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Raiders announce 13 Undrafted Free Agent signings

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

A little over a week since the team began signing their undrafted players following the 2016 NFL Draft, the Raiders have announced they have added 13 undrafted free agents. Here is the official list:

Brent, K.J. WR 6-4 190 Wake Forest
Burbank, Ross C 6-4 310 Virginia
Cowser, James LB/DE 6-4 260 Southern Utah
Durden, Kenneth DB 6-0 180 Youngstown State
Hamilton, Antonio DB 6-0 185 South Carolina State
Holton, Johnny WR 6-2 190 Cincinnati
Iddings, Drew DL 6-6 290 South Dakota
Latham, Darius DT 6-5 305 Indiana
McCaffrey, Max WR 6-2 200 Duke
McRae, Tony DB 5-9 180 North Carolina A&T
O'Malley, Ryan TE 6-6 265 Pennsylvania
Omoile, Oni G 6-3 305 Iowa State
Wilson, Kyrie LB 6-2 245 Fresno State

As is often the case, the list of players is shorter than the initial list reported. That's often because some of the players reported are actually invites to camp who will look to earn a contract with the team at rookie minicamp.