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Raiders Khalil Mack lands at No. 6 in PFF top 101 of 2015

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Becoming the first player in NFL history to make first team All Pro at two different positions is a pretty good indication Khalil Mack is pretty good. In Mack's second season in the league, the Raiders moved him back and forth from defensive end to outside linebacker knowing he was their best player and would dominate at both positions.

Pro Football Focus was singing the praises of Mack even after his rookie season despite his having just 4.0 sacks. It was the amount of pressure he was getting and his run stop abilities as a rookie that gave all indications that he would begin to put actual sack numbers up soon enough.

Mack didn't disappoint, leading the NFL in sacks until the final game of the season when JJ Watt took back the sack title. Even still, Mack's 15.5 sacks is tremendous and it landed him in the 6 spot on PFF's ranking of the 101 best players in the NFL.

In his rookie season, Khalil Mack was a dominant run defender whose pass-rushing grade was good, but not great. In his second NFL season, he became the total package. With a little more help on the Oakland defensive line, Mack was able to match Olivier Vernon's grade for the best among edge defenders, posting 16 sacks and 82 total pressures on over 1,000 snaps. His improved pass-rush performance also came without a dip in run defense, meaning Mack has quickly become one of the most complete and destructive players in football after only his second season. He also posted 54 defensive stops, which led the league among edge defenders; only Olivier Vernon could come within 18 over the entirety of the season.

It was a no brainer that Mack land in the single digits on this list, though he just missed the top five. He did, however, beat out Super Bowl MVP Von Miller -- the man with whom Mack has been compared since day one in the NFL.

Here is the entire top 10:

1. Aaron Donald, DT, Rams
2. Antonio Brown, WR, Steelers
3. Luke Kuechly, LB, Panthers
4. Rob Gronkowski, TE, Patriots
5. JJ Watt, DE, Texans
6. Khalil Mack, OLB, Raiders
7. Von Miller, OLB, Broncos
8. Cam Newton, QB, Panthers
9. Julio Jones, WR, Falcons
10. Tyrann Mathieu, CB, Cardinals

The only other Raider to land in the top 101 was Charles Woodson at No. 71.