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Rival Report 5/13: Greg Hardy informs teams of ongoing therapy treatments

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At one time Greg Hardy was considered one of the absolute best pass rushers in the league, and his 15 sacks in 2013 was believed to be just the beginning of the "Kraken's" success story. Then the all too well known story hit about a grotesque domestic violence situation that he was charged with that caused him to miss most of 2014 on the Commissioner's Exempt list.

He wasn't just charged either, he was actually convicted of it by a judge but then requested a new trial by jury. However, then the charges were thrown out due to the victim stopping their cooperation with the police for the 2nd trial. Lucky just to be a free man, Hardy was then signed to the Dallas Cowboys where he played 12 games after serving his 4 game league suspension which was appealed from 10 games.

Though he did get 6 sacks in Dallas in the 12 games he played in the 2015 season, nobody in their right mind would consider his time in Dallas a success. He was extremely abrasive with the media, consistently showing that he hadn't changed from his entire ordeal while making sexist comments about Tom Brady's wife, and even fighting with his own teammates and coaches.

Pretty much everybody who has paid attention to Greg Hardy these past two years knew one thing for certain about the man, and that was that he needed therapy. The NFL spurning him completely after this latest gag reel of errors in Dallas finally triggered the man seeking the help he so obviously needed. Thank goodness.

According to his agent Drew Rosenhaus, Hardy has already completed 24 therapy sessions focusing on Anger Management, Temper Management, Domestic Violence, and an evaluation for ADHD. These therapy sessions are said to be continuing and are an attempt to "identify and cure any all disorders that may have contributed to past behavior" according to information that Rosenhaus sent to all 32 teams.

It's hard not to be cynical about this considering he hadn't shown any contrition whatsoever about the entire situation that he was accused of, and convicted of by a judge. Seriously, one of his first interviews after reinstatement featured him making the sexist and absurd comments about Tom Brady's wife, that doesn't sound like a man eager to change.

Hopefully he is truly trying to fix his character flaws and if so I commend him for it. No matter the reasoning behind seeking the help, at least he took that first step. He obviously needs to do something to fix his life, if his agent didn't turn around and try to peddle this information to get him signed maybe it would have come off as more sincere too.

Greg Hardy informs teams of detailed counseling efforts | ProFootballTalk

It's May 12, the day that the compensatory draft-pick formula shuts off for players who became free agents on March 9. Among the free agents still looking for work is defensive end Greg Hardy.

Greg Hardy sends teams notice of counseling efforts - Sports Illustrated

Greg Hardy has undergone therapy and other efforts to prove to NFL teams that he is seeking treatment to examine his on- and off-field behavior.

Greg Hardy's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, informs NFL teams of his counseling, therapy sessions

Agent Drew Rosenhaus has informed teams that Greg Hardy has undergone 24 therapy sessions this year in an attempt to correct issues that have led to his past misbehavior, according to a report.

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