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Rival Report 5/18: NFL Medical Marijuana policy questioned, "revolution" beginning?

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Marijuana legalization is a hot button topic, though most polls are highly in favor of allowing medical marijuana along with a slight majority showing a preference towards legalizing recreational marijuana. There are 24 states that allow some form or another of medical cannabis but that hasn't made the NFL change their stance on the issue.

One player specifically has started a larger conversation about that issue, Eugene Monroe of the Baltimore Ravens. It might not sound like a big deal to the everyday person for an individual to advocate for medical marijuana, but when that person is a highly paid athlete in a sport that still restricts it's use then it is actually a big thing to be vocal about.

Monroe has been advocating medical marijuana for some time on social media and has really made waves on the issue as of late. His stance is that he truly believes in the benefits of medical marijuana for a variety of ailments that football causes and that it is far less dangerous than many of the prescriptions being used regularly.

Considering the current opioid crisis in America this is not an illogical reasoning on Monroe's part. The addiction rates, accidental overdoses and side effects of opioid addiction are only becoming more prevalent in today's world and medical marijuana when used responsibly can be a relatively healthy alternative.

Though Monroe has been loud with his support (and putting his money where his mouth is as well with an $80K donation to further marijuana research) it appears to be falling on deaf ears. Though the question was posed to Roger Goodell before this latest go of advocating, his response about marijuana during the press tour of Super Bowl 50 is not encouraging for players that would like to see change implemented.

"Yes, I agree there have been changes, but not significant enough changes that our medical personnel have changed their view," Goodell said. "Until they do, then I don't expect that we will change our view."

NFL players hope to start 'revolution' in favor of medical marijuana
"Yes, I agree there has been changes, but not significant enough changes that our medical personnel have changed their view," Roger Goodell said. "Until they do, then I don’t expect that we will change our view."

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