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Raiders and Broncos trolling each other on twitter

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Denver Broncos

As much as none of us would like to say it, the Broncos are the reigning AFC West Champions. That fact will remain until proven otherwise. Khalil Mack said this week that the Raiders defense could be better than the Broncos' NFL best defense of last season. An idea we broached to show it isn't that crazy of an idea.

NFL media discussed it as well, putting out a tweet stating the Broncos defense "currently rules the AFC West". The Raiders twitter responded with a correction "Ruled*". As in past tense. A challenge to the Broncos that went right along with the words of their All Pro pass rusher Khalil Mack.

This challenge didn't go unnoticed by the Broncos brass, and they proved it with their response, which I gotta say, was pretty good.

The Raiders later said 'we see your picture and raise you a Vine video.

These two division rivals' twitter game is in midseason form. They split their season series last year, including Mack putting up a record 5.0 sacks in their win in Denver in week 13. But the Broncos got the last laugh when they hoisted the Lombardi trophy a few months later.

The Raiders are gunning for their spot atop the AFC West and with some key additions in Oakland including Kelechi Osemele, Bruce Irvin, and Sean Smith along with some key losses in Denver including Peyton Manning, Brock Osweiler, Danny Trevathan, and Malik Jackson, the playing field may have evened out.